Do-it-yourself suggestions for regular camper problems
Problem: My freezer gets cold, but my refrigerator gets warm.

Suggestion: Check to see if the door is closing tightly: close a dollar bill in the door and tug on it. There
should be resistance.  Repeat this all the way around to check the seal on the door.
Problem: My water heater lights but I only get cold water.

Suggestion:  Check to make sure there is water into the tank by lightly opening the pressure relief
valve.  Check to make sure the winterizing valves are in the proper position.  Valve 1 going into the
heater should be open.  This will fill the water heater.  Valve 2 should be closed. This valve will prevent
the water from going around the tank.  Valve 3 should be open.  This valve will allow the hot water to
leave the tank and go to the faucet.
Problem: My furnace blows cold air.

Suggestion: Turn down the thermostat until the furnace shuts off.  Make sure you have propane by
checking  that the tanks are on and lighting the stove.  If you are able to light the stove, you have
propane.  After you have verified that you have propane, restart the furnace.  Listen for clicking after
the fan starts.  If it doesn't light, do not open up the furnace.  Please call a trained professional.  
Problem:  Should I cover my camper with a tarp during the winter?

Solution: I do not recommend this.  The tarp will hold in the moisture and can cause mildew.  The tarp
will also rub on the rubber roof.  In some cases, I've seen the edges of the roof get worn away and
cause leaks.  If you feel the need to cover your trailer,  use a material specifically designed for this
purpose.  These covers allow the air to circulate and keep your trailer dry.  However when considering
this option, think to yourself:  Do you cover up the roof on your house for the winter?  It's not usually
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Question: I was told that I should shut off the water to my camper when I'm not there.  Is this a good idea?

Answer: This is a very good idea.  If a waterline breaks, it can do major damage to your camper.  By
shutting off the water, you could save thousands of dollars in damages.   This also brings up another
good point.  Check with the campground manager to see if you can leave a key at the office.  That way,
if a problem should arise they may be able to save your camper from further damage.
Problem:  My monitor panel always reads full even after I have drained it.

Answer: Debris builds up on the side of the tank.  The sensors on the tank read this and can't tell the
difference between waste water and debris.  The easiest way to remove the debris and therefore solve
the problem is to empty to 5-lb bags of ice cubes into your tank and go for a drive.  The ice cubes will
knock the debris loose so it can be dumped. Another option is to fill the tank with water and add
chemicals that clean and deodorize.  If this doesn't work, try using a wand hose attachment.  This device
shoots out water and sprays the tank walls to remove the debris.  If this still doesn't solve the problem,
fill the tank with water and add bleach.  Let is soak for one or two days then drain.  If your monitor panel
still reads full when the tank is empty, it is time to call the professional.
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