What Can We Do For You?
RV or Camper

If you have a problem
or concern with your
camper from bumper
to bumper & roof to
tires, the RV Doctor is
here for you. We
provide heating,
plumbing, roofing,
repairs and all types of
contractor services for
your RV or camper.  
Give us a call so we
can give you a hand.
We come to you, so you can keep camping
We can fix what hurts your camper without hurting your wallet
We can repair everything from leaky faucets to a broken water heater
We can replace the awning that the weather stole or that you've just always wanted
We can get your personal vehicle ready for emergency response or late night
wildlife watching with either flashing lights or spot lights
603 723 4200

We  install Sunsetter
Awnings for your home
so that you can more
fully enjoy your patio or
backyard without
interference from the
hot sun or drizzly

Are you looking to
get your vehicle
ready for emergency
response so that
others know when to
move out of your
way? The RV
Doctor will install
your vehicle's
emergency lighting
so you can get to the
scene in a flash.
Michael J. Kelly, MD
P.O. Box 274
Gorham, NH  03581
Mobile RV Repairs & Service
(603) 723-4200